Uh, Ruff Ryderz, DMX, Swizz Beatz

I be, I be that dog that gots to flow
That's why, that's why baby I gots to blow
And you, and you know it's straight from the gutter
Because, because it's gettin' darker than a mother

Slow down, slow down partner you movin' too quick
Oh now, oh now gotcha, your crew and them sick
What now, what now nigga, you feelin' this shit?
But how, but how is this nigga killin' this shit

Don't think, don't think that it couldn't happen again
Don't blink, don't blink 'cause I put a [unknown] in your chin
Then what, then what niggas is gonna see you dead
For what, for what over some shit a bitch said

But why, but why did your life mean so liitle?
I tried, I tried but you got me caught up in the middle
This is, this is what it all comes down to
I did, I did what a nigga had to do, come on

Don't worry 'bout me
'cause I'm a be the dog that I am, you know, D
The type of nigga that why'all niggas love when you see
So why'all, don't worry bout me, ya hear me?

[Verse 2]
What's up, what's up with that nigga they call D?
I am, I am what niggas is tryin' to be
And will, and will continue to do my thing
They love, they love all that dark shit that I bring

Know why, know why? 'cause I keep it realer than you
You can't, you can't 'cause of all the shit that you do
You know, you know just what I'm talkin' about
You asked, you asked nothin' bout runnin' your mouth

A bitch, a bitch what you thought niggas couldn't tell?
You flipped, you flipped after two days in a cell
Good thing, good thing I knew what was on your mind
You sing, you sing but you still goin' do your time

No bail, no bail 'cause they don't believe your story
Oh well, oh well guess you goin' do that forty
I'm here, I'm here still gettin' platinum plaques
You there, you there still tryin' to watch your back

[Hook: x 4]
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I Can I Can Lyrics

DMX – I Can I Can Lyrics

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