I feel empty as darkness all around
Feel I lost my way
As I fall to the ground

*Dj Styles*

I feel sorrow as if I lost it all
I'd always turn around if you should call
And you know I will surrender
Cause I can't be a pretender no...
Not when it comes to loving you

And they say time is a healer
And now as just a stealer know
I don't want to forgive you

*Dj Styles In the Mix 2006*

Music is the vibe
So open up your eyes
Time is running out
So find the feeling...

Why don't somebody send me an angel to guide me through
Now that I'm lost and on my own
And I don't longer have you
Send me an angel
To watch over me...
And turn the night back into light
Rescue me...
Rescue me...
Send me an angel

Think about the way that will live today
Think about the way how some people play
Think about the way that will live today
Think about the way (6x)
That we live today (2x)
Think about (2x) Think about the way

My heart is scattered to bits and pieces now
I threw it all away now I just wonder how
I feel naked standing in front of you
Should always know what to say and just what to do yeahh!

(Repeat second stanza)

(Repeat the third stanza)

*Rescue me*

*Send me an angel*
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Send Me An Angel Lyrics

Dj Styles – Send Me An Angel Lyrics

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