You've been caught in a lie!!
You can't deny it!

So let the war begin
You're far from innocent
Hell I just don't know where it will end
You are the one to blame
You made a habit of
Fucking up my life.

Another fallacy
Is laid in front of me
Now I just don't know
What to believe
Another animal
Sent to devour what
Evers left inside

I know now!
It's all been a lie
And I'll never come to know why
I learn to discover
You're leaving me now
It's all been a lie
I don't ever want to know why
You've mastered the art of
Deceiving me now.

A mortal enemy
Has been revealed in me
How come I wasn't able to see
Another vampire
Getting their fix from
Sucking up my life
An evil entity
Had taken hold of me
Ripped out my heart and started to feed
I still remember when
I thought that all you were
Eating was my blood


Little puppet don't die
Little puppet you're suffering
Don't let me die
Little toy don't die

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Deceiver Lyrics

Disturbed – Deceiver Lyrics

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