The Distillers were an American punk band formed in Los Angeles in 1998. They released their first two albums on Hellcat Records/Epitaph Records before moving to Sire, part of the Warner Music Group. The Distillers were originally formed by Australian-born Brody Armstrong (later Dalle), a woman with a distinctively harsh singing voice. Ex-wife of Rancid's Tim Armstrong, Brody changed her name to "Dalle" after their divorce in 2003. Although there were significant line-up changes it was Brody who played guitar, sang, and wrote or co-wrote nearly every song on the band's three albums. Tony Bradley also played guitar and Ryan Sinn played bass.

Members Brody and Tony have since the split formed a new band called Spinnerette.

Former members

Brody Dalle, singer/guitarist.
Tony Bradley, guitarist.
Ryan Sinn left the band in 2005. He played in the band Angels & Airwaves with Tom DeLonge of blink-182 for a time after the Distillers.. Ryan has since left Angels & Airwaves and joined Love Equals Death. Ryan then left Love Equals Death and joined The Innocent, who he also left to join Radio Friendly Shifter.
Andy Granelli played drums and left the band in March 2005 to pursue his other band, Darker My Love.
Rose "Casper" Mazzola played back-up guitar and sometimes sang. She left the band after the making of Sing Sing Death House, and played for the band Gold Cash Gold for a short while after.
Cody Lane played drums and left the band in November 2000.
Kim Chi played bass and left the band after the making of the self-titled record. She played on and toured for the first Original Sinners' album with Exene Cervenka of the L.A. punk band X and has since left that band. She is currently touring with Rockstar: Supernova runner-up Dilana.
Mat Young left the band after the making of the self-titled record.

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