Child that will be born adults with no sense of guilt fallen
I who has no name why am I here I don't even understand, but
I don't know that I only have a few months to live...

I want to love I want to be born inside this mother's body, staring
Since the time I waited for conciousness two months on I sensed something fast
Yet I could do nothing that cord of ours will be...

I, incomplete, my body pierced through with hooked pain
Mother's screaming voice, ringing in my ears, will not cease white coated adults scooped me up
In eyes overflowing with coldheartedness bloody, without a right hand, I am reflected
Just as I was, in black vinyl I am wrapped, engulfed
While my conciousness is gradually fading, I consider quietly
If I, caged, am loved as I am, that is good it cannot be forgiven

It's better that I, unloveable, died as I am
In quiet I shall sleep without giving my first cry
Just once, I want to feel a mother's love
Maybe this is love thank you
A door that never opens was closing tight
But I am surely your future, and so...
La la la...

My body burned, consumed until my bones become nothing burned, destroyed
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Mazohyst Of Decadance [English] Lyrics

Dir En Grey – Mazohyst Of Decadance [English] Lyrics