(freaky zeaky)Look st shorty over there man
She always fuckin wit these clown ass niggaz
Look at her, look at her she smilin laughin, all a front
Yo shorty come here man
A yo come here
(female) wutz good yo
(freaky)nuttin ma
Why you always over here fuckin with these clown ass niggas
These kotex ass niggas
Man you need to fuck wit a nigga like me
(female)so what makes you so different ni**ga
You ain't real
(freaky)real? I'm mutha fuckin real got dammit
I'm the realest mutha fuckin thing you ever see
Look at me
I define real bitch
You don't no nuttin about real until you seen me baby
(female)nigga get the fuck outta here
You ain't real nigga
(freaky)what the fuck you mean I ain't real
You mutha fuckin see the scars on my stomach mutha fucka
This mean street knowledge
Dats what is it I got
You ain't got mutha fuckin nuttin to do wit the fuck I'm talkin bout
I'm real, jail berg free
That's what I am right now
You here me
You don't know nuttin about real
I's real where you think Sammy Sosa took his mutha fuckin name from
I was the Sosa
Lennox avenue Sosa
That's who I was
Talkin about real you don't know nuttin about real
Stankin hoe, get the fuck outta here
Get the fuck outta here
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Real Ni***s (Interlude) Lyrics

Diplomats – Real Ni***s (Interlude) Lyrics