Spent the night on the road
And never saw the miles go
Running away
Got to get free from myself

Stories were made to be told
And here's the one that I know
I can't hide it anymore

There's evil on Queen Street

Saw the house in the dark
It seemed to say "come touch me
I've got a heart
Open the door to my soul"

Climb to the top of my stairs
And look into my windows
I can be your wishing well
There's no evil on Queen Street

Let me inI can warm in the heat of your fire
It's no permanent sin to be bad
If you're sorry

Let me go - you're a promise that comes from a liar
I don't know - if I ever can wash all the evil away

Struck a match at the dark
It screamed no, no I love you
Together we're strong
You always believed what I'd say

But now the heat of a flame
Can start me to remember
There's no evil - evil
No evil on Queen Street

Just smoke in the air
No evil anywhere
No evil on Queen Street
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Evil On Queen Street Lyrics

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Dio – Evil On Queen Street Lyrics

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