Run outside, my house is burnin', your house is light up, now I'm learnin', it's not a good sign, wheels are turnin' and they're rollin' home to you. left a few things I'll be back for, it's a d
Still need a few more when you're scratchin' at the back door and I'm rollin' home to you. scratch it off, it won't stop peelin'. but you're hooked, you just stopped dealin', don't need walls yo
D a ceiling 'cause you're floatin' off again. run outside, my house is burnin', I'm light up, now I'm learnin'. it's not a good sign wheels are turnin', rollin' home to you left a few things, i'
Back for. it's a drag. still need a few more. not a good sign. and I'm rollin' home to you. [solo]
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I Ain't Sayin' Lyrics

Dinosaur Jr. – I Ain't Sayin' Lyrics

Songwriters: J. MASCIAS
I Ain't Sayin' lyrics © CHRYSALIS MUSIC GROUP

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