In the den of the avalanche, dragon
With the boreas exacting, vengeance
Where the sky sees all, hears all, and crushes all
To the sky a whisper sounds like, thunder
And a silent canyon can roar, anarchy
On the fifth of the fifth all hope can, perish
Beyond the feeble mercy of the, six thieves
No warmth can survive the perilous, abyss

Suffer chaos, suffer chaos, suffer

On the edge of the unicorn, precipice
Bone piercing star radiating, winter
The north is the direction of, sudden death
Where the forces align in the keep of, chaos
Where a frozen guillotine beheads, with ice
And the maelstrom tears and sunders, all life
A sheet of pristine snow, suffocates
You will lie in the coldest graveyard, on earth

Suffer chaos, suffer chaos, suffer

When the world is self-destrcuting
All that matters blown away
Feel majestic crushing blue cloud
All the hope just swept away
Fear the force before beginnings
One that lives to devastate

[Repeat parts 4 & 5]
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Den Of The Avalanche Dragon Lyrics

Dim Mak – Den Of The Avalanche Dragon Lyrics