February 14, 1929, St. Valentines Day
In a warehouse on Chicago's south side
Members of the Al Calone gang
Disguised as policemen
Gunned down a dozen of Bugs Moron's boys
Three lived long enough to say (gee whiz)

Fearing for his life
Moron rushed to the South Street station
Where he was seen boarding a train heading for
(North to Alaska)
At that very moment
Elliot Press and the Touchables
Out to uphold justice, were taking their oath
(Deiner heimat ist das meer)

During the following weeks
Fifteen members of the Al Calone mob met violent deaths
Scar Melli Carpelli, Calone's top lieutenant were cornered by
Bugs Moron's boys and told
(Your sixteen, your beautiful and your mine)

Meantime at the headquarters of Elliot Press and the Touchables
(Deiner heimat ist das meer)
That same day
Little Annie Tourtoni
Carpelli's gun mal
Paid a surprise visit to the Touchables
Two day later
(They found little Annie all covered with ice)
Cluched in her hand
The police found a note with just four words
(You talk too much)

The killing continued until Al Calone was taken into custody by Federal Agents
Following his conviction, Calone told an astonished court
(Like a rubber ball I'll come bouncing back to you)
His promise was never to be fulfilled
Their job done for them
Elliot Press and the Touchables
Turned to each other and said
(Deiner heimat ist das meer)

Now retired and living on the palatial estate of the late Al Calone
They were asked how was this possible
(Simple, we were touchable)
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The Touchables Lyrics

Dickie Goodman – The Touchables Lyrics