(Never go, never let me go)
(Soul stripper)
A walk, no destination
Backwards, never forwards
You sound like you,
but look like someone else
What is this world you come from?
Who taught you how to be that way?
Are you not scared to hurt yourself?
Go count the stars with someone else!
A schizophrenic attitude,
determined admiration,
explicit language overkill
with mimic deformation.
In constant search for your next thrill...
Sacrilegious beast of mind,
Brain alert!
Apocalyptic overdose
if you can't sense the danger!
One way ticket passenger
Your lies will bring you nowhere.
Drastic methods to assure
that you have true intentions.
Nobody dares to ask you why...
They keep you calm on drugs.
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Soul Stripper Lyrics

Diary Of Dreams – Soul Stripper Lyrics