What can I say ?
What can I do ?
Why can I face this world ?
In which I must endure
Intimate compulsion
"Legitimate" , you say
But nothing ever prospers
If not the thought is noble
I'm not alone
But still lonely
What else eludes my eyes
Distracted fingers
Regarding others
However impressive words might be
Do they distract me ?
Consider me demented ?!
Disposess my secrets
In a concept hidden well
See my silhouettes in absence
Alive as body swell
In dissolution
Absorbing life from others
Like sucking from a straw
Abstracted methods fear the truth
Dissolving what may last
Melting life in naked hands
Eyes now open
Rebellious hearts delivered
As a gift of a good friend
In dissolution
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Dissolution Lyrics

Diary Of Dreams – Dissolution Lyrics