(charlie smalls)Miss one? Munchkins? There’s a feeling here insideThat I cannot hideAnd I know I’ve triedBut it’s turning me aroundI’m not sure that I’m awareIf I’m up or downOr here or thereI need both feet on the groundMaybe I’m just going crazyLet myself get uptightI’m acting just like a babyBut I’m gonna beI’m gonna be alrightSoon as I get homeSoon as I get homeSoon as I get homeIn a different placeIn a different timeDifferent people around meI would like to know of that different worldAnd how different they find meAnd just what’s a wizIs he big, will he scare me? If I ask to leaveWill the wiz even hear me? How will I know thenIf I’ll ever get home again? Here I am aloneThough it feels the sameI don’t know where I’m goingI’m here on my ownAnd it’s not a gameAnd a strange wind is blowingI’m so amazedAt the things that I see hereDon’t want to be afraidI just don’t want to be afraidI just don’t want to be hereIn my mind this is clearWhat am I doing here? I wish I was homeI wishI wishI wish
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Soon As I Get Home/home Lyrics