She had trailer park charm, he carved her name in his arm
Then he slept with the waitress from the bar
Then she took a chain to his car
And broke the windows on the love they had, redneck love gone bad

He got all liquored up, tried to hot wire her truck
Next thing he knew, he was seeing stars
While her daddy knocked him all around the yard
Oh, what a night they had, redneck love gone bad

'Round and around the blue lights go
Everybody's smoking and watching the show but it's over now
There's twenty-three versions of this story
Some say her love just drove that boy insane
But to me it's plain, redneck love gone bad, oh, pick him redneck

He's going with her mother now
Every Friday night we see them cruise through town
A few months back, she ran away, with a truck driver named Jose
She's happy and he's so glad, redneck love gone bad

'Round and around the stories go
Everybody's laughing at watching the show
That's unless you've had, redneck love gone bad
Redneck love gone bad, redneck love gone bad
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Redneck Love Gone Bad Lyrics