He swore it was over and all in his past
A few hours later his hand's 'round a glass
A voice on the left says,
Ў°There's peace in the wineЎ±
From the right a voice whispers,
Ў°Don't do it this timeЎ±
When he looks for the answer
Down in his heart
Demons and angels tear him apart

She calls his name softly
As she lies in their bed
Listens for footsteps and prays for the best
She knows that he loves her
Knows that he tries
But if he comes home drinking
She'll leave him tonight
She waits for the answer and
Cries in the dark
While demons and angels tear him apart

For so long they've fought for his soul
The whisky and the woman at home
And they all know he must choose
The winner alone

There's not much that's sweeter
Than a new life begun
Ain't much that's sadder
Than a promise undone
He stares at the bottle,
Longs for her arms
While demons and angels tear him apart

When he looks for the answer down in his heart
There's demons and angels that tear him apart
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Demons And Angels Lyrics

Diamond Rio – Demons And Angels Lyrics

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