This world is not ours
It was never really ours
We are the pawns on board
We are being sacrificed
Even of you open your eyes
You're too blind to see the light
You won't even see the light
You're being controlled
You have been told lies
You're life has no value
But you're has a price
Wake up can you smell the void?
Wake up can you smell the void?
Wake up can you smell the void?
Blinding hysteria
Bleeding in the dead of night
The preachers the teachers and the leaders
Appointed to serve their legion
The lechers, the speakers and the brokers
Confine you in this new world order
Blinding hysteria
Bleeding you in the dead of night
Breeding Insanity
Fighting a war that never was
Breaking the human will
Watch them imprison your life
Rightrous assholes
They show their signs but yet you can't see
Pious sinners
They seize your minds and leave them to rot
Fascist bastards
You let them thrive and their cannibal siege
Fucking twits
Don't you fucking get?
Wake up and get used to the smell of void
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New World Order Lyrics

Devoid – New World Order Lyrics