By the shadows of the night
Standing guarded from their light
I Stay strong and sharp
A home for souls
Struggling hard to own
Of what is their birthrigh
I am raised by their will to survive
Be alive
To touch the sky to be a lie
A stronghold of their minds
Aform of their lord
I am their evil creation
I am their godly satisfaction
Nothing's wrong
When they confide in me
They know they are safe
When they reside on me
Stall high, built strong
I stand for their lives
Now, under chains
Black fortress under chainds
Fortress under pain
Wounded I lay on my broken arms
Ambushed attacks on the sides
They close
Barring my ways for those smoking ones
Breached by these fools who wish to
Enthrone on me
Their fates will be broken to relive my days
To bring back the founders to begin their reign
A base they could never think of cracking
It is here that my seekers
Will come to do
Their bidding
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Black Fortress Lyrics

Devoid – Black Fortress Lyrics