It's in dead of night she pries
In blood soaked dreams you die

She wants to give you disease as a gift, a fever caress
Bite you and bruise your skin black, hear the noises stress
Nails scratching deep in your bones, a succubus bane
Nothing you can do but take the pain

It's in the bloodstained screams she crawls
And in her nightmares that you fall

Scream in the fire of no control, godly serve
Limbs will explode and contract, bleeding clear
Nailed to a poisonous dream - afterlife ascertain
Nothing you can do but take the pain

A God pleasure offering
Her true face is suffering


God morphine crash down like a wall
God morphine wants it all
Cold, black as your soul
Piercing death's veil she played her role
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Mask Of Virtue Lyrics

Devian – Mask Of Virtue Lyrics