Once I was made beautiful in the light of an hour
But this year I'm just a meal laid out for August to devour
So quick, let's go, it's time for a ride
The future's yours, no, wait, I lied
It is not yours, it is a replica
Of scattered ash and the road the rain's on
What road
Able, willing, ready
Fuck the spiral jetty
Tonight we work large, we aim high
Pillars stare at a sky designed to come down upon everyone at once
I'd been working on some open-ended shit
I was looking for an in and that was it
Back at the recital, signs remain vital
A statue is stone that rejects its own pulse
You heart's fair, your heart's square
Your heart's not even there
Wasting shore leave on the girls from Point St. Clair
There is a light and it goes out
A touch of classicism in the night
Your backlash was right where I wanted you
Yes, that's right, I wanted you, too
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What Road Lyrics

Destroyer – What Road Lyrics