50 Years Ago In Death Boat Camps
The Reich Is Here
Where Millions Of People Were Really Unfree
Sacrificed By Hitler
Jews Tortured Sent Off To Die
Wiped Out By Their Race Enemies
Sadist Kapos And Slaying Soldiers
Huamity Totally Unknown

Lost In Sadism
Lost In Insanity
Encaged Life Total Fear

Arranging Games Of Death
A Killing Toruring Machine
Inhuman Minds Are Filled
Their Humanity Under The Guillotine

Classic Concerts Before The Execution
Grimasses In Front Of A Million Corpses
The Human Race Urged To Insanity
Desperate Souls In The Holocausto

Women The Whores Of Their Slaughterers

Violence Is Here Fears And Fear And Fears!

Whimpering Here ss Slaughters Near Desperate Lovers
Entertainment Facing The End Die By My Hand

Earthly Feelings Finally Banned Raging Fear
Anguish And Fear Vaccum Brains Bursting Heads

Forced To Lose Identity Forgotten Pride
Mindless Brains In Pain Pain Pain No Place To Hide

To Civlised To Betray
Barbarian State Obey
Killing Forcing Might
Institutionalised Brains
There Is Zyclon B In Here
Showered Without Fear
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Joy Division Lyrics

Despair – Joy Division Lyrics