Through war-hollowed buildings and forests of trash,
The tar-thickened waters and wastelands of ash,
Now freed of flesh, speeding through the clouds,
The kiss-chase starts as our bones break down,
A nuclear sunset sounds;
The hole where life, for us, was drowned

Through cavernous ice floes
And mountains of shale,
The daisy-swept meadows
And oceans so pale.
We'll meet on the iceblink,

Some secrets we'll share,
While prismatic light-beams
Add color to air.
Leave inhibitions there,
The godless skies left unaware...

Radiation filled the space where
Angels ought to be.
With a disaffected smile she turned
And said to me (this is forever)

Whatever cloud you're on I will find you,
I will find you
In time.
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Sky Ghosts Lyrics

Depreciation Guild – Sky Ghosts Lyrics

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