The funniest thing
Happened to me yesterday
I ran into old you know who
By mistake

She was out on the town
With her new honey
Having a ball, spending his money
Oh, it was the funniest thing

You should've seen that
Innocent look on her face
As he held her close
Rumpled her hair out of place

You should've heard her
Calling him baby
Leading him on, driving him crazy
Oh, it was the funniest thing

But she introduced me
To her new lover
I thought to myself
That soon he'll discover
Ooh, she did the funniest thing

As they walked away
I couldn't help wondering why
Such funny things make me cry

Oh, I thought that I
Could make it without her
Maybe I could but
There's something about her
Oh, it's the funniest thing
Ooh, it's the funniest thing
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The Funniest Thing Lyrics

Dennis Yost And The Classics IV – The Funniest Thing Lyrics