I'll be the one last breath before this death
I'll be the final glimpse of truth when there's none left
And if I shame your face, degrade your faith
I'll be the first to hide behind disgrace.
Blood loss on account of my failing aim.
Treason, at the root of my shameful name.

I found my way to fall.
I never meant to break your heart.

Breathing in this pain (rejecting all I am)
I hear you cry again (Is this my final stand?)
Before I go (Before I lose it all)
You should know (I hate myself for hurting you)

I see the burn of the light from within my grave
I feel the pain of contradiction despite decay
And if the shadow of doubt will betray this gain
Then put an end to me now while hope remains
Blood -loss- on account of my failing aim
Treason- at the root of my shameful name


This is not my life
This is not our life
Every day I die
This is not my life
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Summer Of Darkness Lyrics

Demon Hunter – Summer Of Darkness Lyrics

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