We will trample on our children 'til this world is flooded red,
No boundary for depravity, no silence for the dead,
Now weep for the life that you've lead
We will follow vacant voices into a shallow grave,
Reiterate the verses of some self consuming slave,
Now pay for the hell that you praise.

Every curse, lie, violation of our lives.
Every careless shallow breath, corruption of our minds.
All the blood and the shame, defamation of name.
The weight of a wicked world embodied on a thankless, crucifix.
Embodied on a blood soaked, crucifix, crucifix

The sacrament is broken, and all I see is red,
The idols of humanity they tower overhead.
Now weep for the life that you've lead,
The gates have severed open, setting death upon this place,
Compelling us to hope in a Revolting human race.
Now pay for the hell that you praise.


My eyes have seen

Sometimes I close my eyes to escape this crooked place,
It seems these fools will never learn,
I guess it's easy to see the world the way I do,
The emptiness is a promise, the sin is just the proof.

Embodied on a thankless, crucifix, crucifix

My eyes have seen
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Crucifix Lyrics

Demon Hunter – Crucifix Lyrics