I know that you think that this is probably my fault!
(We do! )
The catty comments, and the constant assaults!
(It's cool! )
I was here once, and seen a lot!
So listen if you wanna survive

Inside this High School Miserable
I never thought I'd be invisible
In this High School Miserable
You gotta keep being indivisible
In this High School Miserable
Don't understand what is happening to me
In this High School Miserable
Someone get me back on tv!

I thought the girls here would go crazy for me
I flubbed a test, I'm clearly getting a D
I never knew how high my undies would go
There's tons of wedgies, I didn't know
Like the the hoodie the Hourglass (ow! )
The 360 spin! (that hurt)
The fig leg, The bat the bowling pin (strike)
The donkey, The monkey, man am I sore
I can't believe their's 28 more

Someone get me back on TV
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High School Miserable Lyrics

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Demi Lovato – High School Miserable Lyrics

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