I ain't seen 18 in a long time
I ain't seen my baby for a while
But I'll be home by Monday mornin'
After I drive 200 miles

I make my living with a guitar
My job is standing on a stage
I played in churches, fairs, and dive bars
I ain't never gonna act my age

Don't never let it be said darlin'
That what I do don't bring me joy
Climb in the seat beside my Martin
Cause I'm a guitar pickin', bluegrass singing
Never grow up boy

Sometimes when I look in the mirror
I see the boy I used to be
And after all these years it's clearer
The dreams of boys can set men free

I know I've put you through some hard times
Those lonely nights I wasn't there
But you were never far from my mind
Your love was with me everywhere


I ain't seen 18 in a long time
Ain't seen my baby for awhile
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Never Grow Up Boy Lyrics

Del McCoury – Never Grow Up Boy Lyrics