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DeGarmo & Key are a Christian Rock group that started professionally in 1978. The primary members were Eddie DeGarmo and Dana Key. Eddie played keyboards and sang background vocals (and occasionally lead), while Dana played lead guitar and did the majority of the lead vocals. Other members included Tommy Cathey on bass and Greg Morrow on drums. The group's music was of the pop and rock genres. Their best known songs are: Destined to Win (also the title of their 1992's early "best of" album: Destined to Win), Let the Whole World Sing, Six, Six, Six, Boycott Hell, Every Moment, and Casual Christian. Also most noted for their 1986 album "Streetlight", their 1987 album D&K, and their 1989 album "The Pledge". See Discography for more info Other notable musicians who have recorded and/or toured with DeGarmo & Key include: Kevin Rodell (drums), Chuck Reynolds (drums), Steve Taylor (guitar) (not related to another Steve Taylor, also a popular CCM artist) and Mark Pogue (guitar).

Both Eddie and Dana have also recorded solo albums.

During Spring 2007 Dana and Eddie received the ASCAP Vision Award at the 29th Annual ASCAP Christian Music Awards.

Dana Key and Eddie DeGarmo reunited to do a concert October 21 2007 at TLC Church in Cordova, Tennessee.

DeGarmo and Key played at the 2008 Cornerstone Festival in Bushnell, IL.


DeGarmo and Key were nominated for 7 Grammy Awards and 17 Dove Awards.
Eddie and Dana grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, near Graceland. The liner notes from "Greatest Hits Volume 1" cites Elvis Presley as a musical influence.
Season 3 American Idol finalist Diana DeGarmo is the niece of Eddie DeGarmo.
Eddie and Dana were originally in a short-lived band named Globe. However, before they recorded their first studio album, the pair dropped the band (due to becoming Christians), as well as music for a short while. They were later influenced by Larry Norman's album Only Visiting This Planet. They saw in Larry's work what they believed God could do through Contemporary Christian music and so started The DeGarmo & Key Band (the name listed on their first four albums), later shortening the name to DeGarmo & Key.
Bassist Tommy Cathey's trademark look was a black suit and shirt with a white tie, white fedora with a black band, and sunglasses.
"Are You Ready" from Communication was a cover of the 1970 hit single by Pacific Gas & Electric (band)
DeGarmo & Key were the first Christian group to have a music video appear on MTV. The original video for the song "Six, Six, Six" was one of a number of videos that MTV pulled from rotation due to violent content. The purge was a public reaction to the U.S. Senate hearings on sex and violence in music. MTV had ironically misinterpreted the song "Six, Six, Six" as an anti-Christian statement. According to industry news reports at the time, MTV exec Sandra Sparrow was unaware that DeGarmo & Key were a Christian band when she included the video in a list of videos to be excised. An embarrassed MTV allowed DeGarmo & Key to submit a re-edited version, which was placed back into rotation. Removed from the re-edited video was a short scene of a man representing the Antichrist being set on fire.
The album D&K was packaged with a second cassette with identical content, but a different color theme. The package was intended to be purchased at the price of a single cassette, then the second cassette was to be given to an "unsaved friend".
The song "Don't Stop the Music" was a response to the anti-"Christian Rock" position of evangelist Jimmy Swaggart.
The liner notes to the album D&K, for the song "Brother Against Brother" included the words "dedicated to Jimmy Swaggart" blacked out but still visible on close inspection.
Of all of the group's backing musicians, Tommy Cathey (bass guitar) and Greg Morrow (drums) played the most with Eddie DeGarmo & Dana Key.


1978 This Time Thru
1979 Straight On
1980 This Ain't Hollywood
1982 No Turning Back - Live
1983 Mission of Mercy
1984 Communication
1985 Commander Sozo and the Charge of the Light Brigade
1986 Streetlight
1987 Streetrock (a collection of previously released songs from the Lamb & Lion label albums)
1987 D&K
1988 Rock Solid - Absolutely Live
1988 Feels Good to Be Forgiven (Eddie DeGarmo)
1989 The Pledge
1990 Phase II (Eddie DeGarmo)
1990 The Journey: Walking with Jesus (Dana Key)
1991 Go to the Top
1992 Destined to Win: The Classic Rock Collection
1993 Heat It Up
1994(1) Greatest Hits Volume 1
1994(2) To Extremes
1995 Part of the Mystery (Dana Key)

Video Discography

Visions of the Light Brigade, 1985: featuring music videos for: "Competition," "Six, Six, Six" (edited version for MTV), "Six, Six, Six" (original un-edited version), "Destined to Win" (with Jessie Dixon), and "Alleluia Christ is Coming".
The Air Care Project: Rock "n" Roll Outreach to Africa, 1987: featuring music videos for: "Activate", "Up On a Cross", "Casual Christian", and "Every Moment".
Rock Solid... The Rock-U-Mentary!", 1988: Live concert, featuring the line-up of songs from the album "Rock Solid: Absolutely Live". Also on the video is a brief history of DeGarmo & Key, comically reported by a "news reporter" while trying to interview DeGarmo & Key.
Take the Pledge, 1989: featuring music videos for: "Hand in Hand", "Rock Solid", "The Pledge", "Feels Good to be Forgiven" (Eddie DeGarmo), and also "Heavenbound" by DC Talk. Also on the video is an interview with Eddie DeGarmo & Dana Key by 1989 CCM Magazine editor, John W. Styll.
Go to the Top, 1991: featuring music videos "shot on location in Memphis, Tennessee": "I Believe", "Ultimate Ruler", "Go to the Top", "Against the Night", "Family Reunion", "The Rest of My Life". Also featured on the video are highlights of Memphis, Tennessee, "shot on location".


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