[Verse 1]

Spark the herb and Ima smoke it all,
Never really knew this world was small,
My back's on the wall had to change myself,
Can't wait till my CD on the shelf,
Man fuck the wealth I'd rather care for my health,
Jump off stages when I'm at a show,
Come back next year with a different flow,
And we just gotta keep on riding around,
Searching life, and Ima stop right,
Teaching you was a top night
But these bitches just wanna try and take my shit,
Groupies never stop they be on my dick,
Needa get away a lil bit, onto mars,
Shit's so far but I dream of stars,
Now let's keep going roll around,
Slowly and we sober now,
Jumped in the car a lil slow to react,
Sat in the back with the wind to my face,
Playing music like I own the place,
Sit back with the bonfire,
Long trip and my team tired,
They ain't never really gon' this far before,
High as fuck when I fell to the floor,
I passed out and I reached my limits,
Man this life is good if you really on the way to winning, and sinning is stopping you,
From going to,
New York just to chase your dream,
We really wanna flow like a water stream,
Just wanna be appreciated for my sound,
A man of my word going downtown,
You listen to him before you listen to me,
You like my style but can't get it free.

Down, down, down, down,
The lonely road we creep,
And I shout, shout, shout, just to let you know,
So stay, where we are,
So Stay, where we are

[Verse 2]

Pop the screw and Ima sit back,
Celebrate where the drinks at?
I just wanna be outside my house,
Fuck the stress and Ima pass it out,
Beginners tellin' me how to run my route,
Lyrics intellectual and base loud,
The things I do to make this real,
You can't even comprehend the way I feel,
Stop a lil with your basic shit,
Balling like Russel wit 11 rings,
And everybody tell me how I'm like J,
The M to the J no not Lebron,
Relationship like Sammi and Ron,
I'm only outclassed by lil or a few,
Living it big but not living it for you,
Still praying to god but you never really knew so,
Still young and just loving the freedom,
Haters gonnaa learn how I gotta treat em,
Got a signature but it aint no graph,
Real humble still not afraid to laugh,
Cannot wait till I see how long this lasts,
Pack the 30 but gimme a half,
Everytime I gotta just rhyme for ya'll,
It means I'm busy so don't try and call,
Bitch don't really understand me,
Money over girls so easy,
If you ain't down for one night, not available,
Making this music on a higher pedestal,
Damn he really making this incredible,
Doing it right 'cause I'm only letting you,
Never fell off but amazing still,
Can't really comprehend this amazing skill

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Where We Are Lyrics

Def Manic – Where We Are Lyrics