When the moon shines at noontime, and the sun blazes at midnight
Dark and Night coincide, I stay inside and keep the lid tight
Catch side of the morning that passes by through my window
Another child is born, another dies, and still the wind blows
Spin slow, drawn into strong voice of reason
Standing there in soul thinking of summer
Just longin' for another season
For no particular Reason hear I stand-
Just rocked another show, just can't remember where I am
And my families far from here, but the stars are bright this evening
On this morning on this afternoon, just got here now I'm leaving
And I shall remember the marble just as clear as I do yesterday
Never dance with the Devil, cuz I can't afford the hell to pay
When I blast through your speakers every time your pressing play
When I fish the phonograph so we could set the record straight
Dear god I pray-
Just let me show this world a better way
How you helped through to your heart and all the times you fade away
I get to, say these words and speak my piece to Catholic Crowds
Not certain if it's Day or Night but I know the time is now
And if we ever lose the purpose as a prelude to the sound
Lets just call it a Day, and burn my empires to the ground...

[Verse 2:]
Ya, amazingly, Cask of Amanciatto
Cracks wide open and vibrates your bravado
So I escape, body-bagging, like I'm kinda like Monte Christo
World Tour, dl, Koffeshop, and I'm coming to your Bistro
We show bright when it comes to your ability
I'll be yellin' out homonyms 'cuz I dwell in possibility
We gonna call it a Day, 'cuz I know your feelin' me
Listener, Rapper, Popuri of Life- all synonyms of Cornucopia
I'm so glad you have a wife- In this wolf
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The Night We Called It Day Lyrics

Deepspace 5 – The Night We Called It Day Lyrics

Songwriters: Matt Dennis, Tom Adair
The Night We Called It Day lyrics © MUSIC SALES CORPORATION

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