What can move a mountain from the place where it stands?
What can calm the greatest fear with a touch from it's hand?
What can turn an enemy to a brother and a friend?
There is only one thing I know
Love Can
Love Can

What can bring a miracle in a moment of need?
What can reach a fallen soul and put him back on his feet?
What can say that nothing is beyond it's hands?
There is only one thing I know
Yes I know

That only love can heal your broken heart
When it's all said and done
And you've had enough
Only love can bring you off of your knees
And back on your feet

What can build a bridge between a Holy God and a sinful man?
I know there's only one thing only love can
What can help a lost soul find his way back home again?
There is only one thing I know
Yes, I know
Yes, I know


[Repeat: x3]
Only love can move a mountain
Only love can heal the broken
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Love Can Lyrics

DecembeRadio – Love Can Lyrics