Are you ready for the assault?

Morbid souls of blasphemy
Raise your fist infernally
And curse the skies in the name of the devil
As we bring you thrashing metal
Thrash metal till the end
We will never fucking surrend
We slaughter the false and get drunk on their blood
And hail the ancient metal godz

Total thrash assault

We are possessed by metal and it's unholy ways
Wimps and posers are a fucking discrace
Forever playing loud and forever ripping fast
May their ears bleed in agony by our sonic metal blast
If you cannot take the violent mosh, then fuck you!
Cuz only true thrashers will still stand when we're through
They'll yell and kick and madly praise our vicious metal sound
Hail to all those metal souls whose devotion is profound

Total thrash assault!

Total thrash assault

Never stop banging your head
Bash the posers till their dead!
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Total Thrash Assault Lyrics

Deathhammer – Total Thrash Assault Lyrics

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