A love affair between the earth and sky
Black and blue and moving
Light years of space contain our meager lives
Governed in their turning

Baptism by fire
Celestial fatal flaw
Machine of desire
Melts and then dissolves

No broken wing
Can keep you from flying away
The earth pulls me down
Your shooting star falls quickly to the ground
My broken heart anchors me down

I search for you
Somewhere in this placid bruise
The woman in the moon
Golden, these stolen
Glances start to burn
New constellations of you

Suffocate in this heat
This hopeless infancy
Again you come crying
Run away from me

Orion, throw down your sword
I've no more waxen wings
Just like the sun
She sides with gravity
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Anchors Me Down Lyrics

Death Comesto Matteson – Anchors Me Down Lyrics