You say you get so haunted by these memories
Well of course there must be plenty
That you'd just as soon forget
Here's a chance to wash away your history
We haven't tried this on civilians yet
But you'll have to take that risk
To get this chance at riches
And how much could it be worth
To keep those same bad dreams
Just climb up on the table
Let me throw the switches
It's really a remarkable machine
And the switch is by your head
And when it's done
You won't know how you got here
But you could write yourself a letter
Yes you'll still know how to read
Just draw yourself a map to where you're living
And put a label on each one of your keys
When your friends will try to tease you
You just won't remember
What a fool you were in high school over some old flame
Just climb up on the table, I can quench the ember
The past will never bother you again
And the switch is by your head when you're ready
Truth be told, this big machine does nothing
But there's a change that brings
A difference into all these people's lives
To free them from the past
That was their prison
What gives them passage
Is just the fact that they decide
You see this big machine is harmless
It just scares them shitless
It's louder than a spaceship
And the lights are strange
They climb up on the table and I throw the switches
And it helps them to believe that they can change
Ahh but the switch is by your head when you're ready
When you're ready, when you're ready
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When You're Ready Lyrics

David Wilcox – When You're Ready Lyrics

Songwriters: DAVID WILCOX
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