Garance - yes just like the flower
i've got a lonely message for you
the marionette's in the ballroom laughing
Baptiste the clown
up in the gods now they're laughing
Garance has a heart like a vase
the man has fingers like flowers blooming
bBptiste the clown

Humming this tune that I just heard
a melody I barely know
a song for the children of paradise
Baptiste the clown
asks himself who am I

ah - don't sing only half the song
ah - can't you hear us sing along
yawning words waiting
for the moon to come closer

How can he kill without mercy
just to dress up like a king
under the makeup his face is flooding
Baptiste the clown
says take me home

suffering's not such a blessing
you're everyone and nobody now
the sleepwalker's up on the rooftop waltzing
Baptiste the clown
asks himself who am I
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Baptiste Lyrics

David Garza – Baptiste Lyrics

Songwriters: DAVID GARZA

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