There's one more thing I would like to say
About what you do
There's one more thing
There might be one more way to do what you do
You don't have anything
Can there be anything
Left for you to prove?
You have already made your move
Don't you even know who you are

And I woke up this morning
To the sound of a woman-a woman crying
Crying for a roomful, a roomful of dreams
Dreams dying
You don't have to tell the truth
Just as long as you can stand there and ignore the pain
You've got a ticket to ride on this train
By the way, you're gonna ride it alone

It's a low down payment on this pillar
Pillar of salt
It's only had one owner, and he up and died
He died of guilt
And you can drive it out of here
All you do is find a gear
That will blow it apart
That's if you can even get it to start
If the damn thing just had a heart
If it had a heart-some kinda heart
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Low Down Payment Lyrics

David Crosby & Graham Nash – Low Down Payment Lyrics