Oh baby
I love the way you make me feel
Everything that we do
When I'm lyin' alone with you
Oh but baby
Nobody else makes a cut so deep
I guess it's the things that you don't say
The secrets you keep
I don't know where I stand
I wonder where I am
When I'm lyin' with you girl
It tears me up inside
It's eating at my pride
Is there somebody else in your world

How can you tell me you're my lover
When it's okay to touch another
How can we lie here with each other baby
If there's a stranger in your heart
You know with all the love you're givin'
There's still a part of you that's missin'
Baby for me there's just no way of livin'
With a stranger in your heart

Oh baby sometimes the price is too high to pay
For all the nights we spend in silence
Afraid of what we'll say
Can we ever get it back
The way we used to be
When I needed you and you needed me
Just look me in the eye
Stand here face to face
We ain't goin' nowhere, no place


Someday it'll all come tumblin' down
I won't be there to catch you
We gotta turn this love around
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Stranger In Your Heart Lyrics

David Cassidy – Stranger In Your Heart Lyrics

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