Gather you all and listen hereI’ll tell you a tale if you lend me an earI rode a horse through many a townBut the devil rode me down to the groundI was to marry a very rich girlI loved her as only I canBut the father was shot and his gold was stoledAnd now I’m the devil’s man, na na naAnd now I sing a tail of woeThrough the bars of the county jailI walked into the room one nightI found her mother and gunWell the man was dead and I kneeled and criedThe sheriff ran in and said I’m holding you, sonThrough the day I sing and playFor time is on my sideBut when the moon and stars come outI lay me down and cryFor the saviour mar I liedNow I will not have a rideBeside the window the scaffold was madeOn the morrow I will hang
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Bars Of The County Jail Lyrics