I'm leaving you the big picture of our one ballroom dance
The frame is held with pins and glue, it might have a chance
I'm leaving you lush gladiolas you bought on Saturday
Hope they will be okay with this low room light

I'm leaving you prescription bottles empty on the floor
Your garden shoes and magazines, the junk at the door
I'm leaving you vintage maps to see where we agreed
And where we'd cast away from each other's shore

Christina said she'd drop by to help you get better
On her footpath she found the button to your pearl gray sweater
No one knows what's written in the stars
She saw what's in the cards I'm leaving you

I'm leaving you your religion that cuts it's losses every week
Can't turn it's pockets inside out when the poor and hungry speak
I wish I was simply leaving for a stroll down the hall
There were times I wished we were that close to call

And when Christina comes by, my car's south of the station
The first demand on your list was reliable transportation
Blanket of clouds is coming off the hill
I can almost feel the chill I'm leaving you
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I'm Leaving You Lyrics

David Arn – I'm Leaving You Lyrics