[Chorus: x3]
Hey little babe you're changin
Babe are you feelin sore?
Ain't no use in dancin
Don't want to play no more

Well yo yo waddup?
Boo how ya doin? Let's go walk and talk
See I ain't about to hawk I plans to make this short
See I been (where?) in the sewer liggity layin with the crew (true)
and wiggity watchin all the changes that you're goin through
Now walk, first of all we all can tell you're feelin sore
and that's for sure, niggity now raw like how you was before
I saw you last year, change from the past year
Hit the fast gear, kniggity knew you couldn't last here
You piggity past here, higgity had to hold you down
but then you turned around and stiggity started standing cross town
You gettin a bad name in the fast lane
Gettin a bad frame, niggity not the same and that's a damn shame

[Chorus: x2]

Shorty rappin what the deal? Iggity ain't heard from me in a while
See, once a man and twice a child but in your case it's wiggity wild
Let's break the ice and liggity light this weed
Remember you was schoolin me when you was only a seed
Now it's time to school you 'cause see I'm a nigga that's true
If we ain't see it in the streets, my crew, we heard it from you
A few couldn't understand 'cause you was raised in the street
To each his own, whiggity where you laid your hat was your home
None see the shining sea, you been the star on TV
See I only knew you by face til I met my nigga P
Piggity put me on to you, tiggity told me to shine
So when you had the time, iggity I had the rhyme
Started runnin with them kids and keepin up with them trends
I never took it as a diss 'cause me and you was just friends
But now your man's got you on some other garbage
C. Deloris Tucker got you thinkin murder charges
Plus them same cats flipped on you, dissin you
'cause you're sample says "You ain't original", I wanted to get rid of
But who would figure you would try to play both sides?
You honey rides, you look at your reflection through my eyes, no lies

[Chorus: x2]

And naw man
Now some people are tryin to ban you but they don't understand you
Like me and my man do, when all the drama that you ran through
(So thank you) for the Benz, thank you for the rims and Timbs
Thank you for the friends, thank you for the ends that I spend
Thank you for the weed and all the times you took me overseas
and thank you for the dreams and all the fans that I please
Thanks from all hardcore, thanks for lettin' me be a member
and thanks for lettin' me rock your party, shorty just remember
I'll be tender when you're weared, for you's a diamond in the rough
You want the fuck, I know you feel sore but higgity hush
Biggity baby you diggity don't try
We're gon' held you down til the diggity day that we die

[Chorus: x2]
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Change Lyrics

Das Efx – Change Lyrics

Songwriters: BRIAN MAY
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