When we descend, your knees we bend –
A symphony to your bitter end.
Wings uncut and eyes wide shut,
We seal your doom; hopes turn to dust!...
The bounds of pain broken – I was reborn of pain,
An entrapped angel was I,
Ages of suffering, of silence and grief
Have chained my soul to the night.

And given freedom, I sought to seed
The myriad truths of life, yet again,
In mortals' laments, in their despair,

For I'm an angel of pain!
Ch: You're lost forever and drift away,
No room for revelry, no light to fill your somber day...
We bring desire, you fall apart –
A beautiful phoenix lying wings broken in the dirt...
We saw the seeds of your disaster,
Oh, pain breeds such poetry!...
As muses for your dark inspiration,
So blessed are we
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Angels Of Pain Lyrics

Darken My Grief – Angels Of Pain Lyrics

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