Oh I remember, I recall
Of land so green, the grass so tall
Where once he pledged his love to me
For a loyal knight was he.

The storms were raging on that night
We awakend from the stranger's might
And through those chamber doors he came
Please come and help your king!

I watched him leave, I watched him go.
As through the stormy night he trode
Riding high a strong, and mighty steed
I whispered 'Please, come back to me'
And the Fairies cried for me...

It's been 8 months, or even more
Since I heard the news
I cry no more
I've seen the vision in my sights
Of a stranger called the Devil's Knight

I ran down to the ocean side
His horse so still, his eyes so bright
The hills were startled by my cries
The knife cuts deep,
I cannot die!
And the seabirds cry for me...

And when our loyal knight came home
He found her dead, he found her cold
And from that day, he walked alone,
For a loyal knight was he...
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The Knight Of Dublin Castle Lyrics

Darby Devon – The Knight Of Dublin Castle Lyrics

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