Isn't often that I stand up to a challenge
But today I feel I'm fighting for my soul
They give me a quite plate
But how much will I leave to waste?
Doesn't matter if I wake up and I can't breathe
This one's for the world
Next one's for the friend
Waiting for the drug
That meets you at the end
But I don't wanna end up like Seymour
It isn't often that I try to climb this mountain
But today I find I'm half way to the top
It's a bit shaky here but don't get all worried up now

I got a feeling if I fell right now I'd roll right into
It's been hiding under hell for way too long
Where I can dream until I fell further away for this one
Cause that's how we say "Goodbye, I hate you, I'm
Sickened, please don't die"
Way too many times
We said "goodbye, I hate you, I'm sickened, please don't
Way too many times
Way too many times
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Way Too Many Times Lyrics

Dan Andriano – Way Too Many Times Lyrics

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