Throw my head to the sky
Cover the sun in my eyes
I can see your silhouette, silhouette
I'll find a way to get to you
You look at me and I blush
You're like a perfect mirage
And they say you're out of my league
Out of reach
I don't mind
I'll break my back for just one touch
All my blood for your love
Not in it for the honour
For you I swear I'm gonna
Run through a thousand mining fields
And nothing can stop me
Not in it for the glory
I just hope you're waiting for me

Never gonna give up
I won't let nobody harm ya
I'mma fight for your love
Like a gladiator
Give it all that I've got
I'm your knight in shining armour
I'mma fight for your love
Like a gladiator
Like a gladiator
You built your walls real high
Nobody else dares to climb
But I'mma work my fingers to the bone
All the way to your throne
Catch every arrow
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Gladiator Lyrics

Dami Im – Gladiator Lyrics