Surfing the line of manifestal wreckage
Being beaten to the ground
Subliminal constancy
This mess we're in

Feeling what is supposedly ending
So goddamn tired of pretending
Of being this & that in dear times
Please read between the fucking lines!

So little one, been let down again?
Dwell between my wings, wanna get born again?
Destination devastation
Taste my disappointment, have the drugs kicked in?

Caught in the middle, choked on a breeze
A pull from silent unfulfillment
The king without a silver spoon
What is earthly mine, righteous or divine?

I'm probably loosing in the end
Might not from grace descend
Embrace nor beginning nor the end
The words unspoken, an eternity of fallen rebellion
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Destination Devastation Lyrics

Damageplan – Destination Devastation Lyrics