Shit can happen
Shit can happen
Shit can happen (throw ya hands up!)
Shit can happen (throw ya hands up!)
Shit can happen (yeah, yeah)
Shit can happen

[Kon Artis]
That's right motherfuckers we back
Same slanging
Wilding out on hoodrats that say I act like like I'm too famous
To say hi
And tell 'em what "My Name Is"
But really I'm still nameless

[Kon Artis]
I said hold up, hold up!
I know you didn't just go shit up on that stage, bitch ass nigga.

(Hey, fuck you!)
Fuck me?
Fuck you!

[Kon Artis]
Motherfucking ass nigga

That's how niggas get fucked up!
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That's How (Skit) Lyrics

D12 – That's How (Skit) Lyrics

Songwriters: Porter, Denaun M / Carlisle, Von M / Johnson, Rufus B / Holton, De Shaun Dupree / Moore, Ondre C / Bass, Jeff / Mathers, Marshall B Iii
That's How (Skit) lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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