I got britta filled water cause the tap isn't safe.
The baby's on the window eating a lunch of lead paint.
The fish in the river are not safe to eat.
Foot and mouth disease in the brittish beef.
Baby bush says no worries about co2.
You. S. Emissions are no problem in the atmosphere.
Don't worry about the hole when you look up towards the stars,
Think of the missile defense station saving our lives!
Pollution, we're gonna die of pollution.
Oil tankers crashing on the ocean coast.
Energy Costs! Drill the national parks.
The smog from the cars and the factory pipes,
Yet your concern is at the bar with my second hand smoke.

Pollution, we're gonna die of pollution.
"Trees, not people, causes pollution."
The energy pigs have the final solution.
Forget about Saddam and the Middle East,
Blame the energy costs on environmentalists!
Kyoto becomes an inconvenience
When the only concern for consumers is
Energy costs, energy crisis!
You. S. Produces one-forth of the green house emissions,
But we're only four percent of the population.
If we won't cut back on our luxuries,
We'll continue to let the world suffer!
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Pollution Lyrics

Czolgosz – Pollution Lyrics

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