Why less the funk elastic, the blunt eye twisted,
The slamafied, boodafied, punk on your discis,
Oh what you miss this, you gotta bear witness,
Catch a Ho and another Ho, Merry Christmas.
Yes i smoke, straight from the roach, clip a roach shit,
Both the planet wants to approach it.
Forward motion make a sweat like the ocean,
The herb is more than just a powerful potion,
What's the commotion, yo i'm not joking around.
People learning from what they're smoking.
My oven's on high when i roast the clay yo,
Tell Bill Clinton to jump and inhale,exhale
When i fell the funk on the fly,when i fell the effects,
I want to get high,so high ...
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I Want To Get High Lyrics

Cypress Hill – I Want To Get High Lyrics