Young blood is flowing my heart is bleeding dry
And I feel I'm dying but I guess that will pass
Cause I feel so empty like I'm burning up inside
I can't believe that our time has past now

Cause I can feel the way you take my breath away
And all the things I say wont make you stay

I can't help it, I just want to touch you baby
But I know that sometimes, sometimes I should wait
Cause I feel so lonely I thought that you cared more for me

Cause I know that sometimes, sometimes we should wait

When you say that you just wanna be friends
Makes it sound like you never want to see me again
When you say that baby this is the end
Seems like I'm following a definite trend
I don't want to see you go
So many things I want you to know
But they wont change the way you feel
Or make our loving real
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Young Blood Lyrics

Cutting Jade – Young Blood Lyrics