Stars are fun she said with a beautiful smile
As I looked above and stuffed her side
Astrology is not my cup of tea
I'd rather go inside and watch some TV
What about clouds
I think you should give it a try
But watching clouds is something you wanna do tonight
I hope you understand it's been a bad week
But it's not for me, no it's not for me

Maybe it's been so long I've been waiting
Oh baby just call it off or call me crazy

We walked inside and watched TV for a while
The news crept me out the x put me down
I got so bored to death
And than outside the bugs starting eating me up
I felt so bad I looked up to the sky
The stars the clouds the moon the beautiful light
It all made sense but just for a while
But it's not for me, no it's not for me

[Chorus: x4]
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How I Became Paranoid Lyrics

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