Morning comes, the glorious break of dawn!
Shadows waning, from the house and the barn!
The sun creeps out from behind the distant hills!
Paints the sky with gold... A new day is here!

Awake, I arise, and walk out the door!
To see her there, leaning against the wall!
Sadness in her eyes... A tear runs down her face!
A letter in her hand... Something is out of place!

A service to our homeland, a sudden call to arms...
A necessary evil, no choice of right or wrong...

Was no way we could stay together!
Counted days, far away, forever!

Years of war went by, so far away from home!
Many friends there died, hungry and alone!
Driven my mortal fear... The primordial will to survive!
The end was nowhere near... Would I ever get out alive?

In the darkest of my hours, the twilight of my life...
As we fought on holy ground, I could see her by my side!

Finally the war was coming to an end!
Free to go home! It was hard to comprehend...

Once again, we could be together!
From this day, I will stay forever!

I vowed on this day...
Never again would I go astray!
Never again would I turn away!
Never again will I forsake!
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Our Path Disdained Lyrics

Crow Black Sky – Our Path Disdained Lyrics